What is Neopets doing to protect my child? What information are you collecting?

Neopets is proactive and aggressive in ensuring the privacy and security of your child. All user account information is password-protected. Various filtering and live monitoring is in effect on the interactive areas of our site such as the message boards and neomail. If people are found to have posted unsuitable material, the material is immediately removed and the offending individuals are cautioned. Repeat offenders will have their accounts terminated or will no longer be able to post messages (silenced).

Neopets has a strict privacy policy whereby we will not use, reveal, or sell any information about our young players. For more details, view our Privacy Policy.

After granting your permission for your child to utilize all of the functions of Neopets, they will be able to enter details about themselves, such as their age and gender, for the purpose of our message board/meeting environment. On occcasion, your child may also be able to submit personal information, such as their age, gender, and e-mail address, to participate in contests, surveys, and other various services and promotions.

To view the information submitted by your child, please fill out this form. You may request the removal of this information or the deletion of your child's e-mail address at any time by filling out the Delete Form here. If your child is under 13 and you have not granted them permission, there will be no e-mail address in the account to remove.