What are the advantages of having parental consent? How is it different from having an account aged under 13 without parental consent?

Parental permission allows users who are under 13 the ability to communicate with other Neopets players and to get more out of the Neopets experience by being able to type their own text on the website, customize their pages, and participate in more of the features the site has to offer. Here are some of the things you can do when you have parental consent.

  • Access the Neopets message boards and guild boards (which are monitored by our staff)
  • Access the Neomail messaging system
  • Have Neofriends
  • Customize the user lookup page
  • Customize pet pages and descriptions
  • Customize a shop description
  • Create and customize a guild
  • Post a wishlist on the trading post
  • Use the Lost Password box if password is forgotten

If you are under 13 and have not gotten parental permission to access all site areas, you will still be able to enjoy much of the content on our site without identifying who you are, including having a pet and playing games. While you may not be able to use every site feature listed above to the fullest or communicate directly with other users, we have provided some preset customization options from a drop-down menu wherever possible so that you are still able to, for example, decorate your pages or interact with other users in a limited way.

If you are interested in getting parental permission, you can find the consent form here.