How does the Rank System work? What is the Rank Badge?

The Rank System is a way to acknowledge the incredible efforts of each player. Beginning on Wednesday, June 8th, your rank will increase depending on the number of games you've played and the points you've scored across each of the Altador Cup games. There are 21 levels to reach, from Beginner up to All-Star.
Each time you level up, your Rank Badge will change to notify you that you have advanced in your rank. If you've joined a team, you'll find your Rank Badge in the Altador Cup Games Room. Every player starts with a Rank Badge labeled Beginner. Score enough points, and you could be an All-Star!
Moving past your Beginner status is attainable, but reaching All-Star will still be quite an impressive feat! Keep an eye on the Rank Calculator to see what's next!