What if users try to scam Pet Trades with these NC Pet Styles?

  • It’s very possible, but below are some precautions we’ve taken and tips to stay informed as a user and be aware of how you can double check what a pet really looks like before you make a trade:
  • When viewing a Neopet’s petlookup, you will now see a large, yellow question mark beside the pet’s name that you can now click on to show what wearable items are changing a pet’s appearance. You will be able to easily see all NC and NP wearable items the pet is wearing through this popup.
  • When initiating or accepting pet transfers through the pound, you will be able to see a Neopet’s true color and species before accepting or sending a trade. Make sure you’re double checking that the pet’s name and appearance matches the agreed upon trade as we are not responsible for user agreed upon trades.