Birthday - Parent Request from PCC

Thank you for writing. If the age of the account was registered as being under 13 and your child is NOT actually under 13, you will need to provide us with proof of your child's actual age before we can remove the restrictions from your account. Since the age on the account affects Neopets, we cannot remove u13 restrictions without proof of age in accordance with COPPA regulations regarding children's online safety.

If you can provide a valid government-issued document with all the personally identifiable information blacked out or removed EXCEPT for your child's name and birth date, we can reset the age on the account to the correct age. This information can be sent as a ticket attachment.

To attach a file to your ticket, please scan or take a photo of the ID and save the picture to your hard drive. Please be sure you black out all the irrelevant data first!
Thank you for your patience and understanding!