What is the latest account recovery policy?

As of September 2023, the account retrieval process will use updated security questions to verify account ownership. The number of security questions required during the retrieval process depends on whether the account is classified as standard or sensitive. 


Standard accounts are those held by the average Neopets player. These accounts are unlikely targets for theft and require basic security questions to be answered correctly during the account recovery process.


Sensitive accounts are those with large amounts of Neopoints or NeoCash, unique Neopets, desirable usernames, or other factors that could make the account a target for theft. Sensitive accounts have enhanced security measures in place and require an additional set of security questions answered correctly to regain access.


If users are still unhappy with the outcome after going through this process, they now have the option to request an appeal. A Customer Support Supervisor will carefully reevaluate the details of your case and provide a comprehensive resolution within 14 business days. Be sure to include your original ticket number.